Hemp CBD Tea

What is Hemp Tea?

Hemp tea is created from a combination of tea leaves of varying types that are infused with CBD. These tea leaves are then steeped in hot water to extract the flavor and beneficial components of the tea. With CBD tea, you do not have to worry about getting a “head high”. These teas contain no THC, which is what produces the high. 

How do you prepare Hemp Tea?

Preparing Hemp Tea is similar to that of other loose leaf tea. Start by adding one to two teaspoons of the leaves per 8 oz cup. You can either spoon the leaves directly into your cup or use our a tea Infuser for easy tea leaf removal. Then pour hot water directly into your cup, and let it steep for 2 to 5 minutes, depending on your preference for how flavorful you like your tea. After steeping, your tea is ready to be enjoyed.

CBD is fat soluble, which means it requires fats for absorption into the body. So, to get the most out of CBD tea, add a dash of full-fat milk, coconut milk or butter. Alternatively, you can enjoy a cup of CBD tea after eating a meal that includes healthy fats.

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