Brew and Feed Brews

Brew and Feed was built to bring something truly unique to the craft beer industry. We have fully embraced the culinary experience by engineering our beer to be paired with food. Each of our brews can be quaffed stand alone but we would like to make the case and suggest why you should incorporate craft beer into your culinary experience. Take a gander at our beer paring guide and then explore our hand crafted brews below. Thanks for visiting our site. "Brew Strong and Feed Well"

Beer and Food Pairing Guide

Likwid Ale is our take on the classic German style Kölsch. The Kölsch style is a delicate balance of malt, fruit, and hop character and is moderately bitter with a soft finish. We add quince because this style is delicate and the characteristic fruit esters tend to fade fairly quickly. Quince imparts apple/pear notes and a little bitterness to keep this beer flavorful for longer. This light-bodied beer is 5.0% ABV and has 21 IBUs. Enjoy it with spicy dishes or just sip it on its own.

Likwid Ale

Javanut Coffee Peanut Butter Porter beer is beer brewed with coffee beans, peanut butter, and dark roasted malts. The coffee beans provide a strong and distinct flavor profile while the peanut butter adds a creamy and nutty component. The dark roasted malts create a robust and toasty flavor. This beer has a medium-bodied mouthfeel and a deep brown color. It is a flavorful and unique beer that pairs well with desserts and barbecue dishes.

Javanut Coffee Peanut Butter Porter

Dayfire Session IPA is a light body and lower alcohol content than a traditional IPA, while still packing a lot of hop flavor and aroma. This beer style is characterized by bright and juicy citrus notes from the hops and addition of real orange peel. The bitterness of the hops is balanced by a mild sweet malt backbone, resulting in an easy-drinking and refreshing beer. This brew is 4.9% ABV and has 48 IBUs.

Dayfire IPA

Rye me a River Honey Rye IPA
Rye Me A River Honey Rye IPA has a bold, hoppy flavor and a slightly sweet finish. It has a deep golden color with a light, foamy head. The aroma is of citrus and pine, with notes of honey and a hint of spicy rye. The taste is a combination of floral and citrus hops, with a smooth maltiness from the rye, and a sweet finish from the honey. This medium-bodied beer is 7.4% ABV and has 85 IBUs. Enjoy it with spicy dishes or just sip it on its own.

Dayfire IPA