Pineapple Serrano Rub (1/2 Cup)

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Pineapple Serrano Rub smells earthy and sweet; earthy from the deep aroma of paprika and ancho, sweet from pineapple and the deep nature of molasses.

At first taste there is an onrush of tart and sweet, as fruity pineapple and sour cider vinegar come immediately forward. Right behind that is the steady thrum of paprika, with its depth enhanced by garlic, molasses, and ancho. Bright, pepper-herbal coriander steps in for a lift, before the smoky heat of serrano takes this blend home. The complex flavors linger, trading back and forth between sweet and hot, for flavor that keeps on giving. 

Ingredients: Pineapple juice powder (Pineapple juice, Tapioca Maltodextrin), garlic, paprika, serrano, molasses, apple cider vinegar (IP maltodextrin, apple cider vinegar and IP modified food starch), sea salt, coriander, ancho, and citric acid.