Brew and Feed Introduces a new Coffee Brand

Brew and Feed Introduces a new Coffee Brand

Brew and Feed has released a new coffee collection to add to it's stable of flavor. "Our customers like to break from the ordinary and explore unique and high quality flavors" said Robert Moreland, Owner/Manager of Brew and Feed. 

Each coffee will be fresh roasted just before shipping to customers to insure maximum flavor and a pleasurable drinking experience. 

The first two brands Hello Morning Breakfast Blend and Cuatro Mil Costa Rican Coffee are currently for sale on and several more are planned for release in the coming weeks. 

Here's a run down of the first two releases:


A breakfast blend coffee is typically a mild roast with no prominent flavor that stands out beyond the classic roastiness we have come to love about coffee. It’s sort of a neutral canvas for whatever you mix it with or eat it with to stand out. This breakfast blend is a medium roasted smooth blend from South America. This blend comes in 5 forms, standard grind, coarse ground, espresso 



4000 (Cuatro Mil). That’s the minimum elevation of the coffee farms of Costa Rica. Costa Rica produces only 1% of the world’s coffee but it is among the finest on the planet. Why? Because at those high elevations the temperature remains cool and relatively stable year-round and the soil is rich with volcanic soil. This combines to produce a sweeter coffee bean with more chocolate, vanilla and nutty notes eventually leading to floral, fruit and berry notes as elevation approaches 5000 feet. Cuatro Mil coffee was farmed at 4500 feet so it presents with sweet apple, raisin, and honey notes.

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