Brew & Feed's Freestyle Ale Belgian White Lands at Whole Foods Market in North Carolina

Craft beer enthusiasts in North Carolina have something exciting to raise their glasses to as Brew & Feed's Freestyle Ale Belgian White Ale, hits the shelves of Whole Foods Market.


Javanut Porter

A robust blend of dark roasted coffee, caramel hints and the creamy/nutty taste of peanut butter.

Likwid Ale

Pale beer with balanced malt, fruit, hop flavor, low bitterness, and soft finish.

Freestyle Ale

Straw-hued beer with orange peel & coriander. Perfect for summer.

Dayfire Session IPA

An IPA that is both bright and hoppy, with a light body and citrusy flavors.

Hop Appeel

Complex beer with sweet and tart red grapefruit flavors and spicy, earthy rye.

Rye me a River

Spicy rye with honey-like sweetness and floral hop character, hints of citrus.

Tasty's Red Ale

A full-bodied brew with notes of caramel, figs, and a hint of spice.

Mighty Ale

Light-bodied golden ale with spice, citrus, and herb aroma and a hoppy finish.

Darkheart Stout

Russian imperial stout with cinnamon, chocolate, vanilla, and ghost pepper.

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