Tin - Brew and Feed to Release a new Line of Tea

Brew and Feed to Release a new Line of Tea

Robert Moreland1 comment

Brew and Feed has announced that they are adding tea to their product lineup. Just like with their other products they have selected teas that are distinct, bold and flavorful. Why tea? Because it aligns with Brew and Feed's motto of Brewing Strong and Feeding Well. Brew and Feed's founder, Robert Moreland says “Life is about balance so products like our salt free spice blends, olive oils and low sodium hot sauces help our customers find a balance with their meals. Tea goes even further by offering a beverage with lots of health benefits that’s tastes great and can be enjoyed throughout the day.” The new tea will be available on brewandfeed.com soon.

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Yvonne Massey
Yvonne Massey
Great idea, especially with the healthy benefits of teas.

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