Spice - Introducing NEW Spice Blends for Fall

Introducing NEW Spice Blends for Fall

Brew and Feed has released a patch of new spice blends for Fall. Imagine the smell of smoked turkey, robust and aromatic bowls of chili, apple pie spiced doughnuts, and pumpkin spiced muffins. All with crisp fall skies and falling leaves as the backdrop. These blends are hardy and will help you start hunkering down for winter but while enjoying the beauty of fall. 

Here's the fall lineup:

Wanna warm things up, try our new Nashville Hot Chicken Seasoning. Use it as a seasoning for baked or fried chicken. What this blend does for chicken is magical.  It has a burst of upfront heat that dissipates quickly with a hint of sweetness and pungency. 

Want some traditional fall deserts, check out our new Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie spice blends. They aren't just for pie. They can also be used to make doughnuts, muffins and pancakes.

Want to make a mean bowl of chili to impress your family and friends or take home first place at that chili cook-off. Try our Mexican Chorizo Seasoning and Ancho Chili Powder to make a chorizo chili or keep is simple with our new Hill Country Chili Powder.

A new blend that we are very excited about is Texas Smoked Turkey Rub. For all the folks who love the flavor of smoked meat this one if for you. It's smoky/sweet with a complex herb backbone. You may have to make two turkeys for Thanksgiving if you use this blend. 

Last but now least is Fine Sea Salt for the home chef that wants to complement other seasonings rather than rendering them "salty."


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