Extra Special Dry Rub

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Extra Special Dry Rub is a pit master's dream come true.  It is a premium blend crafted to capture what's best about all of the regional barbecue rubs in America. It is blended from Sea salt, ancho, pasilla, onion, cumin, brown sugar, garlic, paprika, cayenne pepper, lemon and yellow mustard.

At the heart of our blend lies the rich warmth of chili powder, complemented by the smoky essence of hickory salt, which imparts a delightful depth to your dishes. A marriage of onion and cumin lends earthy undertones, while brown sugar adds a touch of sweetness, balancing the savory profile with subtle caramel notes.

Garlic and paprika contribute layers of aromatic richness, enhancing the complexity of flavors, while cayenne provides a gentle kick of heat, awakening the taste buds with a tantalizing zing. The bright citrus zest of lemon brightens the palate, adding a refreshing tang, while yellow mustard rounds out the blend with its distinctive piquancy, tying together the myriad flavors into a harmonious whole.

This robust blend works well on game but also works well on grilled chicken wings, smoke Lexington-Style BBQ pork shoulder, or smoked ribs. For a twist, incorporate it into a classic burger. It also works great on plant based dishes like grilled portobello mushroom Burgers or in savory corn fritters.