Grillstar Steak and Burger Seasoning

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Elevate your grilling game and transform your steaks and burgers into culinary masterpieces with Grillstar Steak and Burger Seasoning. Crafted with a fusion of 11 different premium herbs and spices, this seasoning blend is meticulously curated to bring out the natural flavors of beef while adding a tantalizing depth and richness to every bite.

Grillstar Steak and Burger Seasoning was specially designed to complement the robust taste of beef. This seasoning is warm and earthy; it’s got spikes of chile pepper and brown sugar and salt to create a harmonious blend of savory and aromatic spices.

From the first sprinkle to the last bite, savor the delectable marriage of flavors, enhancing the succulence of steaks and the juiciness of burgers.

INGREDIENTS: Sea salt, garlic, brown sugar, cumin, black pepper, yellow mustard, paprika, ancho, guajillo, thyme, onion, crushed red pepper