Fine Sea Salt

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Salt is one of the most widely used seasonings in the world. It is popular in many cuisines and can be found in practically every dish, ranging from starters to desserts. Furthermore, salt has been used for centuries in food preservation, for example, brined proteins, vegetables pickled in brine and aged cheeses.

This Fine Sea Salt is milder than refined table salt, with a hint of brine from the minerals absorbed from the sea water. This salt is meticulously made by collecting seawater in trays and then exposing them to the sun and wind, which evaporates the water and leaves behind the salt. Solar-evaporated sea salt is packed with 84 natural minerals, and includes trace amounts of iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, manganese, zinc, and iodine.

An accomplished home chef knows that a pinch of sea salt can bring out the flavor of a dish like no other ingredient, enhancing the existing flavors instead of mere masking them. With Fine Sea Salt, you can elevate any recipe by sprinkling it in during cooking or adding a finishing touch of flavor after plating - all without the crunch.