Movies About Or With Craft Beer

Movies about beer offer a frothy blend of humor, camaraderie, and often a touch of nostalgia, all set against the backdrop of one of America's favorite beverages. From classic comedies like "Strange Brew" that hilariously navigate the world of beer enthusiasts to heartwarming tales like "A Beer Tale" that explore the complexities of friendship over a cold brew, these films have crafted a niche in cinema for beer enthusiasts and casual viewers alike. "Beerfest" takes the genre to new heights with its outrageous and competitive beer-drinking games, while films like "The World's End" blend science fiction with a pub crawl, providing a unique twist to the beer-centric narrative. Whether it's a raucous comedy or a heartfelt drama, movies about beer tap into the universal themes of connection, celebration, and the simple joys found in a good pint. Cheers to the cinematic world of beer, where each film is a refreshing sip into the diverse and spirited culture that surrounds this beloved beverage.



STRANGE BREW Strange Brew (1983) on IMDb   


(2020) on IMDb  (not craft beer the the passion is similar)


CRAFT: THE CALIFORNIA BEER DOCUMENTARY Craft: The California Beer Documentary
(2015) on IMDb


THE WORLD'S END The World's End (2013) on IMDb  


(2013) on IMDb


BEER HUNTER Beer Hunter: The Movie
(2013) on IMDb


 A BEER TALE A Beer Tale (2012) on IMDb   


CRAFTING A NATION Crafting a Nation
(2013) on IMDb


BEERFEST Beerfest (2006) on IMDb  

POURED IN PENNSYLVANIA Poured in Pennsylvania
(2018) on IMDb