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Brew and Feed is a craft beer and sensible eating lifestyle brand founded by home-brewer/ home chef and all around good guy Robert Moreland. The concept was formed from a fusion of backyard farming, homecooking and homebrewing craft beer.


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Brew and Feed grew out of the philosophy that everything in the modern food system can be eaten but not all of it feeds you. Helping people learn about what goes into their food and beverages and how to prepare their own meals and make their own beverages is what drives us. 



The tedious but pleasing aspects of growing fresh vegetables and making spice blends & sauces to cook with became a passion for Rob. During this era his wife bought him a craft beer homebrew kit and all three passions began to merge.

Rob eventually joined the Little Mountain Homebrewers homebrew club in Mentor, Ohio. He began learning more advanced brewing concepts from other homebrewers and at the Brew Mentor homebrew store and began to win awards for some of his brews.

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After a move to the Charlotte, North Carolina area Rob joined the Iredell Brewers United homebrew club and became the Education Director and eventually President. There he learned even more advanced brewing concepts and continued to win awards in homebrewing competitions.

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In North Carolina Rob began to become acquainted with many brewery owners and professional brewers and started learning more about the business of brewing and distributing craft beer. This sparked the desire to commercialize some of his best homebrew recipes.

While homebrewing became Rob's main focus the passion for growing vegatables, creating spice blends & sauces and homecooking never faded and another passion emerged, Craft Beer Tourism and Brew and Feed was born.

Brew and Feed publishes craft beer tourism and cooking videos, hosts craft beer/food pairing events, and markets and sells spice mixes and sauces. We also produce and distribute a line of craft beer. Click a topic below to explore more about Brew and Feed to "See What We're Working With".


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