Brew and Feed Announces The World’s First Spice Shop & Brewery
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Brew and Feed Announces The World’s First Spice Shop & Brewery

Brew and Feed, a leader in the craft beer and food pairing lifestyle, is releasing its first craft beer brands under the brand, Brew and Feed Brewing. The initial line up will include the following 6 brews that were designed and brewed by Owner/Manager Robert Moreland to be integrated into the culinary experience:

  • SPORTY CITRUS BLONDE ALE: A light ale with an ever so slight malty sweetness and a citrus finish.
  • FIRST THING SMOKIN’ PORTER: A roasty dark ale with chocolate & caramel notes.
  • RYE ME A RIVER HONEY RYE IPA: A bitter-sweet ale with an earthy rye bite.
  • FREESTYLE ALE: An unapologetically light brew with mild peppery notes and a citrusy character. 
  • TASTY RED ALE: A complex Belgian style ale with a copper hue, raisiny stone fruit notes and a spicy character. 
  • MIGHTY ALE: A Belgian style golden ale with a peppery character. 

Brew and Feed Brewing is the world’s first spice shop and craft brewery and will operate as a production/distribution brewery. This means you will find its beer at fine craft beer saavy brew pubs, restaurants and bottle shops in and around the Charlotte, NC area. 

"We not a brewery, we are a purveyor of flavor that has added craft beer to our line up of 150+ other stylized products which included spice rubs, seasonings, hot sauce, infused olive oils & balsamic vinegars, tea and hot honey" said Owner/Operator, Robert Moreland.

Everything about Brew and Feed is focused on helping its customers incorporate craft beer into their culinary experience rather than as a separate standalone experience. When asked about the company's tagline, "Brew Strong and Feed Well", Mr. Moreland says "we believe that the beer you drink before, during and after your meal is all one contiguous experience. Our aim is to be the leader in craft beer and food pairing. We believe in moderation with food and beer and the fun challenge that comes with striking a balance while being happy and hardy." 

The self proclaimed "Beer and Feed Pairing Aficionado" goes on to say "people always tell folks to drink responsibly but we suggest that folks drink AND EAT responsibly. We say this because craft brewers spend a lot of time creating unique flavors so we encourage folks pay respect to the craft by finding ways to enjoy craft beer as you would any fine culinary ingredient."

You can learn more about Brew and Feed Brewing's craft beer on their website in the "Our Craft Beer" section

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