From the Depths of the Sea: Brew & Feed & NODA Brewing collab for Blacktoberfest

From the Depths of the Sea: Brew & Feed & NODA Brewing collab for Blacktoberfest

Craft beer enthusiasts, get ready to embark on a flavor journey like no other as Brew and Feed joins forces with NODA Brewing Company for an exciting collaboration for Blacktoberfest! We're thrilled to announce the creation of a truly unique and innovative beer, a squid ink and lime Gose. This one-of-a-kind brew brings together the expertise of Brew and Feed's culinary creativity with the craft beer mastery of NODA Brewing, resulting in a tantalizing flavor experience that's sure to make waves in the beer world.

Brew and Feed, known for their passion for both cooking and brewing, has a reputation for pushing the boundaries of flavor. They've taken inspiration from their culinary background and applied it to the art of brewing, consistently creating beers that surprise and delight the palate. NODA Brewing, on the other hand, has established itself as a leader in the craft beer industry with a commitment to quality and innovation. This collaboration brings together the best of both worlds.

* *Squid Ink*: Squid ink, a culinary treasure from the sea, is the star ingredient of this collaboration. It not only imparts a striking black color to the beer but also adds a briny, oceanic depth to its flavor profile. The ink provides a unique umami undertone that harmonizes beautifully with the other elements.

* *Lime*: The zesty, citrusy notes of lime are the perfect counterbalance to the richness of the squid ink. Lime brightens the beer, infusing it with a refreshing and tangy character that makes it incredibly drinkable.

The Squid Ink and Lime Gose is a sensory adventure. On the nose, you'll be greeted by a briny, slightly herbal aroma, reminiscent of a coastal breeze. The first sip reveals a surprising burst of citrusy lime and tartness, followed by a subtle brininess from the squid ink. 


Brew and Feed has released a squid ink pasta and shrimp recipe to accompany this special brew. This culinary masterpiece combines the rich flavors of the sea with the earthy elegance of Italian cuisine. This dish is a stunning example of how simple ingredients can come together to create a visually striking and delectable meal.

Also consider enjoying this brew with fresh seafood dishes, sushi, ceviche, or even a plate of fish tacos. Its unique flavor profile also makes it a great companion for charcuterie boards, especially when complemented by cheeses and pickled vegetables.


The Squid Ink and Lime Gose collaboration between Brew and Feed and NODA Brewing Company is set to debut at Blacktoberfest in Durham, NC on Saturday, October 14th, 2023. Keep an eye on both breweries' social media channels and websites for release dates and availability in your area.


In the world of craft beer, innovation and creativity are key, and the Squid Ink and Lime Gose collaboration between Brew and Feed and NODA Brewing Company embodies both. This adventurous brew takes you on a journey through the depths of the sea and the zesty heights of citrus, all in a single glass. Don't miss out on the chance to savor this exceptional creation that promises to be a conversation starter at any gathering. Cheers to the marriage of culinary artistry and brewing expertise!

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