Simple Homemade Chili
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Simple Homemade Chili

Chili, with its intoxicating blend of spices, hearty meat, and simmering warmth, has become a culinary icon in the American palate.

Chili is short for chili con carne which means "chili with meat" in Spanish. It is considered a stew and it typically made with chili peppers or chili powder, meat, tomatoes and pinto or kidney beans. Garlic, onions and cumin are other popular seasonings used in chili. 

The birth of what we now know as chili con carne can be traced to the vibrant streets of San Antonio, Texas, in the late 19th century. Chili queens, street food vendors renowned for their flavorful concoctions, set up open-air stalls, tantalizing passersby with bowls of spicy stewed meat. This marked the beginning of chili's journey into the heart of Texan cuisine, a fusion of Mexican and American influences that would forever change the culinary landscape.

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